Acquired from Pernod Ricard, the second biggest wines and spirits company in the world, the brand Mascarade® is owned by Saybrex International, Inc. (

Exotic yet refreshing….. Rich in aromas with a distinct Armagnac, peach and apricot flavors. Armagnac is a brandy, distilled from fine wine, exactly as Cognac, but produced in Gascony, a region in south-west France.

Mascarade® with an alcohol content of 16% alc/vol comes in 750ml and 700ml bottles, 200ml flasks and 50ml miniatures. It can also be produced in one liter bottles upon demand.

It fits as a gift and for endless number of promotion ideas as “Mascarade® events” such as weddings, parties, receptions, etc. It also has an excellent range of support material.

The MascaRita cocktail was chosen as one of the official cocktails of the show “Phantom Opera - The Las Vegas Spectacular” playing daily before 1,800 people at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Mascarade® is sold in domestic and Duty Free markets.


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