Mascarade® Liqueur is the only one of its kind: a unique blend of Armagnac, the oldest brandy in the world, with natural peach and apricot juices and premium vodka. It was awarded a Silver Medal at the prestigious "San Francisco World Spirits Competition."

This exotic French liqueur enjoys name recognition worldwide. The origin of the name comes from the word: mask or disguise (Mascarade in French, Masquerade in English and Mascarada in Spanish). Mascarade refers to a party, dance or other festive gathering, often elegant in nature, where people wear masks and other disguises with fantastic dresses and costumes. The name captures a sense of mystery, celebration and romance.

Mascarade® with its logo is an eye catching product of excellent quality. It comes with a very distinct and colorful gift box. It participates in fun and exciting events.

The brand has a strong appeal to women and young adults.
Enjoy Mascarade® over ice on its own merit, or in your favorite cocktail.


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